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Hello all, Since Apple approved our app “What the Hell?!”, I am surprised to see the number downloads. Initially I though I will not get any sort of traffic unless I start marketing (which I plan to, after release of the android version). We have received 495 downloads since the launch (17th of July 2014). Also, happy to see people showing interest in the game.

What the Hell?! stage 1 screen shot

We have been working on the Android version of the App. Thanks to the awesome framework “cocos2d-x”, the coding part was easy. Apart from the fact that iOS allows minor mistakes, and android does not (for example: iOS is happy if we do not initialize a boolean variable, but android starts crying :) ), it was a smooth ride. However, looking back at what I ended up learning during this process, my knowledge base has expanded unbelievably. I have learned the following:

Once I learned all that and released the app, to port the app to Android I have to learn the following: Soomla and Admob are repeated since for Android we have to port Java version of these frameworks and call them from C++ classes so that it works for iOS and as well as Android. Since this is my first game, it was hard for me. Although there are heaps of web sites which helped building my knowledge base, the information is scattered. What I would like to do in the coming few days is build a knowlwdge base around the topics listed above. I want to help out the community by spreading this knowledge.

Thanks all and keep in touch.

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