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Integrating Google analytics to cocos2d-x game

Download Now Since releasing my first game as an indie developer, I have been struggling to find out what people are thinking about the game. A few questions hits my mind: What is their behavior in each and every stage.
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Shrinking box2d objects

Assumptions are that you are familiar around the concept of box2d and creating vertex around the textures in order to create collisions etc. There are many ways to do this but for me the following worked perfectly using cocos2d-x framework
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Using accelerometer in cocos2d-x v3.2

Here is another one of the significant changes in version 3.2 if you are looking forward to use accelerometer in the future. In the init() method of your game Layer add the following code: Device::setAccelerometerEnabled(true); auto listener = EventListenerAcceleration::create(CC_CALLBACK_2(GameLayer::onAcceleration, this));
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GB2ShapeCache-x for cocos2d-x V 3.2

I have managed to convert GB2ShapeCache-x to version 3.2 of cocos2d-x. Please feel free to make changes to the file and let me know if I have missed anything. Since CCDictionary, CCArray and CCString have been deprecated, most of the
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cocos2d-x v2 to v3 mapping guide

So I started my next project and decided to use cocos2d-x v3. As soon as I started migrating my common classes, I realized that there are significant changes not only to the naming convention but also usage of some of
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Implementing MVC framework for cocos2d-x projects

Implementing MVC pattern for cocos2d-x projects (Full solution to this framework can be downloaded from GitHub) To understand this article a working knowledge of the cocos2d-x framework is required. I came across a wonderful book which explained how to implement
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